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There are four types of Werefoxes, separated into two categories: By species, and by purity of blood. There are Red Werefoxes, called Suntails, and Gray Werefoxes, called Moonclaws. There are also Pureblood and Bitten Werefoxes. Suntails have keener ears than Moonclaws, but Moonclaws have sharper claws that allow them to climb more efficiently. Bitten Werefoxes contracted their affliction, while Pureblood Werefoxes were born Werefoxes. Each type of Werefox has its own special abilities as listed below.

Suntail Racial Traits
+2 Strength, +2 Charisma, -2 Constitution

Moonclaw Racial Traits
+2 Dexterity, +2 Charisma, -2 Constitution
Werefoxes are lithe and clever, but more frail than Werewolves.

As Medium-sized creatures, Werefoxes have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.

Werefox base speed is 30 ft. (40 ft in Hybrid and Feral forms)

Curse of Lycanthropy (Starting Pureblood feat. 5th Level prerequisite for Bitten Werefoxes): Humanoid victims of a Werefox's Bite attack must succeed a Fortitude save (DC15) or contract the disease, if the character's HP is at 50% or less, the Fortitude save increases to DC35.

Darkvision: Werefoxes can see in the dark up to 60 feet. Darkvision is black and white only, but it is otherwise like normal sight, and Werefoxes can function just fine with no light at all.

+2 racial bonus on Balance, Jump, Swim, and Search checks. +4 racial bonus to Listen checks and Search checks when Searching by scent (Searching by sight and Searching by scent are mutually exclusive actions). Moonclaws gain a +4 racial bonus on Climb checks. A Werefox running Climb or Swim checks use their Dexterity modifier in lieu of their Strength modifier.
A Werefox's natural agility allows them to perform many feats of acrobatics, and their extremely sharp senses let nothing slip by them easily.

Favored classes : Ranger or Rogue. A multiclass Werefox's Ranger or Rogue class does not count when determining whether he suffers an XP penalty for multiclassing.

Blood Purity Test: The player may choose between starting as a Suntail or Moonclaw, but must roll for the purity of their blood. To determine this, roll 1d20. If the roll is 15 or greater, the Werefox is a Pureblood. If 14 or less, the Werefox was bitten at some point in his life. Pureblood Werefoxes can shift at will and innately possess feats and racial bonuses that Bitten Werefoxes must acquire later.

Feral Rage (Starting racial feat): Feral Rage may only be activated once per combat encounter. When a Werefox's HP drops to 50%, roll 1d20. If 10 or higher, shift into Hybrid form and attack your nearest enemy. If 20, you shift into Hybrid form, but you still retain control over your actions. (Optional feature: critical failure) If 1, you must shift into Hybrid form and attack the nearest creature to you, even if it is your ally. You must attack each turn if able. You may only use Natural Weapons (ie, Claw and Bite) while Feral Rage is active. If you rolled a 20, you may ignore the previous two stipulations. You cannot leave Hybrid form until the end of the combat encounter, even if you're a Pureblood. All attacks under the influence of Feral Rage gain a +1d6 power bonus to damage rolls. As long as you are moving toward an enemy target within 40 feet of you to whom you have a direct line of sight completely unencumbered by Cover or Concealment (natural darkness does not apply), movement under the influence of Feral Rage is not hindered by difficult terrain. As long as Feral Rage is active, you cannot activate Lunar Fury.

Lunar Fury (Starting racial feat): Lunar Fury may only be activated during the nights before, of and after a full moon, when a Werefox directly sees its light (Search check, DC10). If you fail the Search check to trigger Lunar Fury during combat, you may not try again until after the combat encounter is over. If you fail the Search check outside of combat, you may try again after three rounds of action. If you are in combat, you must shift into Hybrid form and attack your nearest enemy. You must attack each turn, if able. You must kill a minimum of three enemies before regaining control over your actions. Outside of combat, you must roll three successful Survival checks (DC15) to hunt for prey before regaining control over your actions. If a combat encounter ends before you can meet the required number of kills, you may deduct each combat-based kill from your required Survival checks. As with Feral Rage, you may only use Natural Weapons while Lunar Fury is active. You are also locked in Hybrid form until you take an extended rest. All attacks under the influence of Lunar Fury gain a +1d4 power bonus to attack rolls and a +1d8 power bonus to damage rolls. You also gain a +2 bonus to Balance, Jump, Search, Move Silently, and Escape Artist checks. You also gain a +4 Lunar Fury bonus to Listen checks and Search checks when Searching by scent (Searching by sight and Searching by scent are mutually exclusive actions.) As long as Lunar Fury is active, you cannot activate Feral Rage.

Alternate Form (starting racial feat for Pureblood Werefoxes. 5th level prerequisite for Bitten Werefoxes): A Werefox can change shape into a Human form, a Hybrid form, and a Feral form. When shifting from Human form to Feral form, or vice-versa, a Werefox must shift to Hybrid form first. In Feral form, a Werefox cannot use any sort of equipment, relying only on his Bite and Claw attacks in battle. In Human form, a Werefox cannot use his Natural Weapons. In Hybrid form, he can switch between either weapon style, but cannot use both simultaneously (ie, slashing with a sword and biting an enemy in the same round). Armor and equipment does not meld into a Werefox's body while changing. Werefoxes, while in Feral form, gain a +2 bonus to all Balance, Climb, Escape Artist, Hide, Jump, Listen, Move Silently, Search (when searching by scent only), Spot, and Swim checks, but they shed all of their armor and equipment, and must spend a full round to re-equip themselves once they leave Feral form. This incurs a -2 penalty to AC and all save throws, and also provokes attacks of opportunity.

Natural Weapons
Bite: A Werefox's Bite is a Natural Weapon that deals 1d6 points of piercing/slashing damage.
Claw: A Werefox's Claws are Natural Weapons that deal 1d4 points of slashing damage.
As a Werefox, you are proficient in Natural Weapons.

Personality: Werefoxes often tend to live reclusive lives among their own kind, but they're unafraid to venture out into other realms when necessary. They are often very highly suspicious of humans, dwarves, and other hunters. Like werewolves, Werefoxes need to feed on blood to survive, but they needn't feed on larger creatures like humans or elves. This doesn't mean that Werefoxes are harmless.

Physical Description: Since Werefoxes are affected by lycanthropy, they can be of any humanoid race in their Humanoid form. Humans, elves, dwarves, gnomes, and halflings are the most susceptible to the affliction. But when the full moon draws overhead or when tempers flare hot enough, their heads and legs turn completely into that of a fox. They also grow sharp claws, a long bushy tail, and a thick, full coat of fur. Their hair remains the same in Human and Hybrid forms. In their Hybrid form, they're often mistaken for Werewolves, and are often hunted as such. However, they are slightly smaller than Werewolves, and their howls are noticeably higher pitched. Much like Werewolves, a Werefox in humanoid form possesses several distinctions that separate them from their non-afflicted peers. For starters, their eyes will glow in the dark and their canine teeth are sharper.

Relations: Werefoxes are lesser known beings than Werewolves among the common races, although they are notorious amongst the elves and gnomes for their trickery and their often unpredictable nature. Gnomes share a close bond much like a friendly rivalry with Good and Neutral Werefoxes due to their own cunning reputation.

Alignment: Being the sly tricksters they are, Werefoxes are always Chaotic in nature. Far more Werefoxes are Chaotic than Good, but Evil Werefoxes are not unheard of.

Werefox Lands: The Werefoxes' realm lies deep in the mountainous forests with the Elves and Gnomes, but are little known to humans and other common races. These lands are home mostly to Purebloods, but they often welcome Bitten refugees who have been driven or escaped from their homeland. Suntails live in burrows, while Moonclaws can live in either burrows or trees.

Religion: Werefoxes most often worship Ehlonna or Obad-Hai, but they've been known to follow Corellon Larethian, or even Olidammara.

Language: In their Feral forms, Werefoxes cannot speak or write any languages they know, but they can read and understand them. Werefoxes know Common and either Elven or Gnome, depending on which race lives close to their homeland.

Names: Since Werefoxes live in such close proximity to Elves and Gnomes, they sometimes take on Elven or Gnomish names and adapt to their culture, but those who keep to their own have their own names. Bitten Werefoxes retain the names they were given at birth, but should they become refugees at a Werefox village, the local Purebloods will give them new names. Bitten Werefoxes, especially starting characters, are given the clan name of the Werefox that turned them.
Male Names: Egan, Kael, Ea, Crevan, Galvin
Female Names: Aideen, Aileen, Lynn, Terran, Fiona
Suntail Clan Names: Oakfur, Autumntail
        Moonclaw Clan Names: Icefur, Wintermoon

Adventurers: Werefoxes who go adventuring often put their agility, keen senses, and instincts to good use.
3e DnD Werefox Template

UPDATE 1-22-16
Added a racial proficiency to Natural Weapons to stay consistent with the 4e Werefox template.

UPDATE 8-10-15
Added qualifiers for the type of damage that Werefoxes' natural weapons do. Bite deals piercing/slashing damage, while Claws deal slashing damage.

UPDATE 7-22-14
smartboyathome contacted me, wanting to make a 5e version of the Werefox race, using my 3e and 4e versions as a template. Therefore, I changed the copyright license of my 3e and 4e Werefox racial templates to a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-ShareAlike license (CC-BY-NC-SA.) Feel free to download my template, remix, tweak, and build upon my work non-commercially, as long as you credit and link to my page and my work, and license your new creations under identical terms. Also, please tell me if you build upon my work. I'd love to see any changes you make.

UPDATE 3-20-12
I changed the stipulations regarding how Search check racial bonuses stack. Instead of saying they don't stack, it now says that searching by sight and searching by scent are mutually exclusive actions. I also applied said mutual exclusivity rule to Feral Rage and Lunar Fury, a feature that is already present in the 4e template.

UPDATE 8-15-11
I made a few major overhauls to this piece. For starters, I changed the wording and some stipulations to the Alternate Form feat, basically copying it from my 4e template. Because there'd be a massive list of skills since Wizards of the Coast compressed the skill list in 4e, I decided to leave out the Wild Senses sub-feat in the 3e template. My two Werefox species now have collective names. Red Werefoxes are now called Suntails, and Gray Werefoxes are now called Moonclaws. I also changed a number of stipulations for specific feats. For example, the size-based adjustments to kills in Lunar Fury are gone. You just need to kill three enemies in combat or make three successful Survival checks. There's also a rollover feature. If you don't kill your three enemies in combat under Lunar Fury, you can make up for it in your Survival checks. Also, the difficult terrain restrictions have changed again. In addition to distance and line of sight, your target cannot be under Cover or Concealment, even partially. Because Werefoxes have Darkvision in 3e, natural darkness does not count against Werefoxes as Concealment. I added the Werefox's Natural Weapons to the character sheet, which I completely forgot to do before now. The Bitten prerequisite level to use Curse of Lycanthropy is now level 5 instead of 3. It is also a starting feat for Purebloods.

This is a template for a custom 3rd Edition D&D player race I've been working on for a while. They're fully functional and make for very effective player characters without being overpowered.

Feel free to use this template to make a Werefox for your campaign, and don't forget to let me know if you do! I'd love to see your Werefoxes in action!

Anyway, I never liked how Wizards of the Coast made their Werefoxes. In short, they're all evil, narcissistic females who seduce men as sex slaves (despite the fact that they're infertile, which is weird).

For those of you who prefer to play by 4th Edition rules, but still want to play a Werefox character, I've got you covered.


United States Code Title 17 and International Law govern the use of copyrighted materials. All artwork in this gallery, including the Vulpine Tarot and this deviation are the property of its owner. This deviation © 2006-2009 AJ Garrison (aka FoxWing Mabon-Tail), who can be contacted at Absolutely none of the artwork in this gallery may be reproduced, copied, edited, transmitted, or otherwise modified or published in any way without express permission from me, the copyright holder. Art theft and copyright infringement are criminal offenses punishable by law, and will be treated as such without exception.
[$] Yona the Tinkerer by Mabon-Tail
[$] Yona the Tinkerer
Here's a commission for a personal friend of mine. His ponysona, named Yona (a Cherokee word for "Bear" or "Strength of the Bear") sits at his workshop to draw up plans for some new device, most likely powered by the ring on his horn. What could he have in mind?
*cracks open bunker hatch* Is… Is it safe to come out? *looks around cautiously* Oh good, DeviantART's April Fool's Day "gag" has gone away… *sees the llama badges are still here* …For the most part.

Honestly though, deviantART. It's been five years. When are the llama badges going away? People are spending real money on these things. They're less useful than Facebook pokes, and more annoying.

I never send llamas, and I deliberately set it up so that I never get notified when I receive them. But then along comes your yearly reminder of the mess you still haven't cleaned up.
EDIT: Holy crow, I literally just found out that since Alyssa in Repose sat in Dropbox at one point, I was able to recover the source files even after removing them! Thank you Dropbox, I freaking love you! :tighthug: Now I don't have to worry about burning a gaping hole in my wallet on file recovery!

Back in late December, my Mac's hard drive suffered a catastrophic logical hard drive failure. I was working on the early stages of Alyssa in Repose at the time. The operating system wouldn't boot, but the files were still accessible. So, using a separate laptop as a backup drive, I was able to recover all of my most important files, wipe the Mac's hard drive, reinstall the operating system, and put all my files back. It sucked, but I was able to get my computer back up and running after a couple of weeks. That, and shelling out a bit of cash for a 32 GB USB memory stick to use as a temporary boot drive. If you follow me on Twitter (@MabonTail, bee tee dubs,) you'd have basically seen me live-tweet the whole event.

Fast forward a month later. I was watching videos on YouTube when my computer seizes up entirely. Then I start hearing a clicking noise from my hard drive. I turn it off, then back on, and again the OS wouldn't boot. This time though, I get an image of a flashing folder with a question mark. Basically, I've come to the conclusion that my computer has suffered another catastrophic hard drive failure, this time of the mechanical variety. Bit more difficult to recover from. Hopefully I can send my Mac to my local computer repair shop and have them salvage my newest files.

I saw this coming for a while now, since my Mac is over seven years old. My old graphic design instructor back in my college days told me it'd last about this long. But, I'd be more copacetic with it had I put my Alyssa in Repose source files in Dropbox or any of my USB memory sticks rather than my not-backed-up art folder. It's basically the one file I care about salvaging at this point, since everything else is already backed up. If I had backed up Alyssa in Repose, I wouldn't even bother with file salvage.

Right now, I'm using my desktop PC as a backup system so I can still work on digital art and my studio stuff. Hopefully I can save up for a new hard drive soon, either an internal or external one. Preferably both, in a perfect world. If any of you here want to chip in and help me out, I'm always open for commissions, and I've got a Patreon  you can support.


FoxWing Mabon-Tail
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I'm a Pagan artist with a love for tarot and an admittedly unhealthy addiction to video games. I specialize in digital art and various anthropomorphic animals, especially foxes... At least, I would if I wasn't so easily distracted. I'm also in the process of making two separate tarot decks, one of which is The Vulpine Tarot, and the other is a compilation of furry Tarot Badges that I plan to sell to other furries.

My Fur Code
FCFsm3ad A++++$ C D++ H+ M P+++ R+ T++~+++ W Z Sm RLA a cm++ d+ e+ f+ h* i++ j p+ sm#

My Con Schedule
Furlaxation '12

My Llama Policy
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TL;DR ~ You give a llama, you get nothing! You lose! Good day, sir!

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